LOCAL PLAN REVIEW - ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’ Consultation
1st November 2017

Local Plan Review - ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’ Consultation

Shropshire Council is continuing to progress with its Local Plan Review.

Proposed change of Worthen to Hub designation

To inform this review, Shropshire Council is now seeking comments on the second stage of consultation on the Local Plan Review, the ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’. This consultation runs from Friday 27th October 2017 to Friday 22nd December 2017.

The ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’ Consultation:

•     Sets out the preferred distribution of growth;

•     Identifies housing and employment growth guidelines for the strategic centre and each principal and key centre;

•     Confirms the methodology which Shropshire Council proposes to adopt to identify a settlement hierarchy in Shropshire;

•     Lists the settlements which form part of this hierarchy, including those that will in future be identified as ‘Community Hubs’;

•     Proposes draft policies for the management of development within ‘Community Hubs’ and ‘Community Clusters’.

•     Identifies other development requirements which may need to be addressed as part of the Local Plan Review.

If you are interested in being involved in shaping the future of your local area, then we would like to hear from you.

The ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’ Consultation Document; questionnaire; and related documents (including Sustainability Appraisal; Habitats Regulations Assessment; and Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Assessment), are available on the Shropshire Council website at:

Paper copies will also be on display at all libraries and Council Offices in the main towns during their normal opening hours.


How to Respond

To respond to the ‘Preferred Scale and Distribution of Development’ Consultation, please use our questionnaire which is available on the Shropshire Council website at:


Once completed, the questionnaire can be submitted by:

·      Email to:

If submitting your own response, please enter your last name in the subject field;

If submitting a response on behalf of a client, please enter their last name in the subject field.



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