Local Plan Review - link to consultation
27th July 2020



The purpose of the Shropshire Local Plan is to determine the course of housing development across the county until 2038, to determine the actual and potential needs of the population, requirements for infrastructure improvements, to support economic and sustainable growth throughout Shropshire. Four stages of public consultation have already been undertaken over the last few years, as part of the ‘Regulation 18’ stage of preparation, and Shropshire Council’s Cabinet has now approved a Pre-Submission version of the Local Plan for a period of public consultation, in order to seek representations on the soundness of the plan. This will take place over a period of eight weeks, commencing August 3rd, and all are encouraged to make their feelings known. Many of you have already participated in public consultation on the Local Plan over the last couple of years, but this is the first time that the Local Plan has been published in its entirety, and it is available for your scrutiny below.   It is over 500 pages long.  Start at page 159 with particular interest in pages 161 and  176


Worthen and Brockton have been designated as a ‘Hub’ based on a points-based survey undertaken in the ‘Hierarchy of Settlements’ exercise undertaken by Shropshire Council. Sites WBR007 and WBR008 have been included, to deliver twenty-five houses. Site WBR010 has also been added, to provide twenty houses, with the goal of adding an additional ten houses through windfall development within the planned boundaries of the hub. It should be noted that this does not include developments that have already received planning consent, or those that may be granted before the implementation of the Local Plan.

A Map can be found below:



At present, the area of the Hub has approximately 150 dwellings; this will therefore increase the size of the settlement by more than a third. Naturally, this will have a major impact on the nature of our community, and the Parish Council believes that it is vitally important that everyone should have the change to make a representation to Shropshire Council if they wish. Our local member, Heather Kidd, will be holding a remote meeting (We will insert details and links when known) and distributing leaflets with more information.


Once this final stage of consultation has been undertaken, it is anticipated that the Local Plan will be submitted to the Government for examination in January 2021, and it is thought that this phase of the process will require at least twelve months; it is therefore realistic to expect that the Local Plan, subject to a successful examination process, will come into force at some time in the first half of 2022. This is the final opportunity for communities to submit their comments on the soundness of the Local Plan, and we urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity, through the link below.


Link to the Public Consultation

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