Worthen with Shelve Parish Council

Climate Change Policy


Worthen with Shelve Parish Council is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of new developments in the parish, and would therefore encourage applications to consider the following points when submitting any application.


The Parish Council is mindful that a number of these measures are to be incorporated into building regulations moving forward, and notes that all planning applications are judged individually on their merits, according to prevailing planning law, the provisions of the local plan, and with regard to the aesthetic of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.



•             Minimizing the impact of development on the aesthetic of the Shropshire Hills AONB using appropriate design and locations.

•            Minimizing the carbon impact of any new dwellings with the preferred aspiration of any new dwellings having a zero carbon status.

•             Avoiding the use of any fossil fuels for domestic heating or any other occupancy requirements

•            Considering building design and orientation to facilitate a low carbon impact.

•            Utilization of low carbon heat sources including but not limited to air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and solar PV.

•            Minimizing of heating requirements through the use of high levels of insulation, highly insulating windows and doors and heat recovery systems.

•            Providing battery storage capacity to facilitate an element of independence from reliance on  the main electricity grid.

•            Providing electric car charging facilities.

•            Including rainwater harvesting and domestic composting facilities.



The above should be considered as suggestions, and are not intended to be used by this Parish Council or applicants to prejudice any decisions of Worthen with Shelve Parish Council.




Resolution 815 7e 27.07.2020