21st November 2019

WORTHEN WITH SHELVE PARISH COUNCIL On Sunday 27th October, 2019, the parish of Worthen with Shelve took part in an advisory consultation concerning the future planning status of the individual settlements constituting the parish. Turnout was just over 20%, higher than expected, and the results were as follows. Cluster One Settlement: Hope, Hopesgate Open Countryside: Bentlawnt, Hemford, Meadowtown, Gravels, Pentervin, Bromlow, Shelve No Result (Tie or No Votes Cast): Middletown, Lordstone Cluster Two Settlement: None Open Countryside: Snailbeach, Stiperstones, Pennerley, Tankerville, Crow’s Nest, The Bog No Result (Tie or No Votes Cast): Black Hole Cluster Three Settlement: Aston Pigott Open Countryside: Worthen, Brockton, Rowley, Aston Rogers, Binweston No Result (Tie or No Votes Cast): Little Worthen, Little Brockton, Leigh In those cases where no result was provided by the consultation, either because no votes were cast or the result was a tie, the Parish Council will make the determination at our next meeting, on Monday 25th November, 2019; at this meeting the results in general will be discussed and decisions for the next steps taken. While the final decision will be taken by Shropshire Council, we will do all we can to ensure that the expressed wishes of the residents of the Parish are carried out. Worthen with Shelve Parish Council would like to express its thanks to all those who took part in the consultation.

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